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International science center 

The research institute «Digital signal processing and computer vision» (DSP&CV) is subdivision of Don State Technical University (DSTU) (Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation). It is implementing of fundamental and applied research in field of digital signal processing, data protection and computer vision.

The International science center «Signal and Image processing» (ISC SIP) is created on the base of the research institute DSP&CV. Its purpose is obtaining of new scientific and technical results of the world-level in fields of signal and image processing, combination of intellectual resources of the international laboratories, research centers and science school on the base collaborate of leading foreign researchers. Advisability of the International science center is confirmed by close cooperation and agreements with leading international research laboratories: Department of Signal Processing at Tampere University of Technology(Tampere, Finland), Multimedia and Mobile Signal Processing laboratory at the University of Texas at San Antonio (San Antonio, USA),  Department of applied electronics at University of Roma Tre(Rome, Italy),  School of computer and information technology at Beijing Jiaotong University (Beijing, China),  the Universidad de Santiago de Chile (Santiago, Chile), Department of telecommunication and information processing at Ghent University (Ghent, Belgium), Department of signal reception, transmission and processing at the National aerospace university named by N.E.Zhukovsky «Kharkov Aviation Institute» (Kharkov, Ukrainian).

For the last two years, together with foreign colleagues have been implemented 4 projects within framework the Federal program of Russian Federation  «Research and scientific-pedagogical personnel of innovative Russia», published set of articles and monographs.