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Scientific-Research Institute "Digital signal processing and computer vision" of the state educational institution of higher education "Don State Technical University" (Research Institute "DSPandCV" DSTU) is a structural division of the university.


The main objectives of the Research Institute "DSPandCV" DSTU

- Improvement and development of scientific directions in the field of digital signal processing and computer vision;
- Active use of the existing scientific groundwork and human potential of the university;
- Expansion of the range of research, theoretical and design development;
- The dynamic response to real market conditions, emerging market scientific, industrial and educational services;
- Creation of jobs for young professionals;
- Implementation of research and development work.
The Institute is a self-supporting unit and bases its work on the principles of self-sufficiency and self-financing.
Research Institute "DSPandCV"  DSTU is guided by federal laws, decrees, orders and other normative legal acts of the institutions of higher education administration, University Statutes, orders and directives of the Rector, the internal regulations, regulations on research Institute.
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