About the scientific group

The scientific group performs research in the field of theoretical basics and development of new methods of digital signal processing, signal parameters identification, multidimensional signal processing and analysis of non-stationary stochastic signals presented by single realization only under nonparametric a priori uncertainty.  In the last 10 years the science we have developed plenty of methods for analysis of non-stationary stochastic signals, digital image processing, image denoising in the case of additive noise, inpainting of static and dynamic digital images. At the moment we have improved several existing methods of digital processing and have created several completely new ones.

The research results of the scientific group «Mathematical modeling and digital signal processing» (MM&DSP) in the last 5 years are: more 50 patents of the Russian Federation, more 40 certificates for software, published more than 200 articles in the materials of international conferences, 60 articles included in the list of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications WAC. The total amount of government grant in last three year is more than 30 million rubles.  The results of scientific research were employed at various Russian industrial enterprises: Research Institute of Electronic Technology (Voronezh), Energy Research Institute (Novocherkassk), Scientific Industrial Firm “Selsoft” (Shakhty), LLC "Telecommunication Systems Digital SignalProcessing" (Shakhty).

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